Bin Laden Hoax



So much for the sequel... Did anyone actually believe the sliver of a silhouette in this image was really Bin Laden? This isnt a highly conspiratal publication; but come on, that could be almost an dark skinned elderly man in a cap. It's an incredibly half-hearted attempt at evidence. The fact that the US government thought their flimsy story, this photo and the claim that they immediately buried the body at sea was good enough, is an insult to your intelligence: Habeas Corpus. Literaly, produce the body. (Pun intended)


Sy Hersh, who broke the My Lai Massacre story in 69 and Abu Ghrab in 04, is probly the world's most well-respected independent journalist. So it's no surprise that he was the one to finaly expose the government's Bin Laden story as a complete fabrication. Listen to him explain his expose at this link, or read it here.



Bin Laden Hoax

Legendary investigative journalist Sy Hersh broke a massive hole in the government's Bin Laden story.



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