Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

Brett Morgen


This was one of the best documentaries of 2015. Whether you like the subject matter or not, you will probly appreciate the art and film making techniques used in this movie. It includes extensive samples of Cobain's own work, including many of the original notebooks that he used to draw, script songs and write down directions to early gigs. Much different than many of the other docs about Cobain's life, which focus on the various conspiracy theories and controversies that surrounded his death, this film focuses exclusively on Cobain's family and friends, who granted the film makers unprecedented access to his legacy of art and music. The film also includes a number of extremely original animated segments. Whether you liked Nirvana or not, you will most likely appreciate the portrait of an artist that the film makers behind this documentary have created...



Inherent Vice

An excellent but complicated film adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's novel about the end of the hippies & the beginning of The New World Order.



Birdman is an instant classic that turns the camera around and exposes Hollywood—and Broadway—for what it really is...



Time traveling sci fi saga with a twist—literally. Ethan Hawk does a great job playing vintage versions of his character from the 1970s and 80s.



Mr. Nobody

Complex drama about Fate and The Multiverse. This is one of the best films ever made, that most people havent seen...


City of God

Gritty crime drama that uses some very sophisticated film making and narrative techniques to paint a vivid portrait of life in a Brazilian favela.


The Fall

The Fall is a very special movie that was filmed on 5 different continents. It's one of the most visualy striking films you will ever see...



Citizen Four

Citizen Four tells an extremely important story in a very compelling way by employing some highly advanced film making techniques.



The psychedlic film maker's version of Dune was set to feature Dali, Orson Wells and Pink Floyd before it was axed by Hollywood...


The House I Live In

2012 Sundance Film Fest best documentary about The War On Drugs, which has cost $1 trillion dollars and resulted in 45 million arrests...