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SCHISM: Jon Renzella

a graphic novel in woodcuts


Schism is a one of a kind graphic novel by popular woodcut artist Jon Renzella. The woodcut technique he uses to create all the art in the novel adds an extra dimension of detail that you rarely see in commercial comics or graphic novels. The woodcuts also add a great deal of texture and distortion to the artwork, making it one of the most unique graphic novels you will ever see. The originality of the artwork compliments the story about a not-so-distant distopian future extremely well. Printed on high quality, heavy bond paper, Schism is a collector's item that anyone would be lucky to have in their library. You can get it directly from the artist at this link, as well as info on the Lei Gallery, where Renzella often shows his work.


Schism Artist's Website Lei Gallery More Artwork




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