REVEvolution 8


Reve (Fr): to dream + evolution = REVEvolution


Socialy conscious graffiti was a key tool of protestors during the 1968 social revolution that started in France before spreading throughout the world. Revevolution was one of the terms commonly sprayed on the walls of Paris. We also think art is a key tool, and sometimes a weapon, in the on-going fight for social and individual liberation.


REVEvolution is a group of international artists, writers, musicians and film makers. Most of them met at outdoor extravaganzas thrown by Chi Funk and Rainbow Warrior in Spain and Asia. Since then a number of them have gone on to become successful independent artists in a variety of genres. was created to house and share the vast stores of knowledge these artists have collected over the years. Some of them write or do design work for the site. Others simply mail in info and images of things they think people will find interesting or important.


The result is a massive database of independent art and artists that has been growing for over a decade now. The goal is to find work from independent operators that you wont see anywhere else—particularly in the pretend world of pop idols and hollywood icons that dominate the mainstream media...